Thursday, April 15, 2010

Master Bath Remodel

Nearly five years ago when we moved into our current home we had no intention of re-doing the master bathroom. LOOKED fine.   I know you are probably  looking at the Before pictures and thinking why would they ever rip all that out of there.   Well, here’s the story:  The jets in the Jacuzzi tub were not working and to repair them we were going to have to rip out those front tiles.  The builder left no access to the motor for some reason.   The previous owner left one box of extra tile, but we weren’t crazy about it to begin with.   So we lived with it a few months and also realized the shower wasn’t going to work for us either.    We were spoiled with a larger shower in our previous home.  Final decision:  MAJOR RENOVATION – We gutted it.

Before:  The small shower and enormous tub:

   mast bath before

Before:  The floors were pinkish marble (hard to see in this picture).  Not really our taste and they were slick to walk on if your feet were wet.

 mast bath before floor

Before:  The cabinets were white and the countertops were white.

 mast bath beforekeith


This is the tile we selected.  More natural-earthy color with a little texture so it is not as slick.

 mast bath after floor

We changed out the counter tops to granite and put in limestone sinks and new fixtures.  We did keep the  cabinets.  I had a painter come in and antique them down.

mast bath cabinet after

Also got new mirrors and light fixtures:

This is my side of the bathroom.  I had a plumber come in and move the sink from the left side of the vanity to the middle. Then a carpenter had to come in and re-work the cabinets and drawers.


Our new walk-in shower.  We love it.  The tub was completely removed from the room.  So bath people probably won’t like our house if we have to sell it in the future.  There are still bathtubs upstairs though.

mast bath after

Keith’s sink side:

The wall are painted in an older Sherwin Williams color Dhurrie Beige, but they mixed it up for me even though it isn’t on their current color chart.



 IMG_1071 IMG_1072 

Over all it was quite an ordeal.  As I mentioned a few post ago we discovered the shower pan was improperly installed.  So all that tile you see in the shower from the waist down was re-done about 2 months ago.  Thankfully, the tile store still had our tile in stock.  Hopefully all is good now.

Buster and I are not DIY’ers, as much as I would love for us to be. We just aren’t.   We have to leave it to those that we hope are professionals and know what they are doing.   So here is my newly renovated – renovated master bath.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It’s that Time Again…

The Annual Noble Bend Crawfish Boil and egg hunt was this weekend.  Kids, dogs, neighbors and crawfish were everywhere.

Leah Crawfishboil 2010

crawfish boil 1 2010

Neighbor Steve getting ready for the crawfish boil with a little help from his friends:

Crawfishboil 2010

There were lots of good deserts and a grill going for those of us who do not particularly like mudbugs.  Our neighbor Caroline did a great job with this cookie cake.


Neighbor Steve prepping the tables:

crawfish boil 2 2010 

This is what the table looked like afterwards:


We had a great time together and enjoyed beautiful weather.

Easter Morning:   Leah served as an Acolyte in one of the Easter services at our church:


Hope you all had a Blessed Easter focusing on our Risen Savior and surrounded by those you love.