Monday, August 16, 2010

Leah’s Day

We’re back from our vacation and boy was it wonderful.  I will do a post soon because, more important things are happening at our house:

I can’t believe I’m doing another birthday post.  Seems like they come faster and faster don’t they;  especially when it is your baby that is having them.

Leah’s birthday is this week and there is so much about her to celebrate. She fills our home with laughter and has such a quick wit about her.

Here are some pictures of Leah in the past year and our recent vacation:

Leah portrayed Grace Kelly at her Wax Museum at school:

(she was loving the make-up)


On the ice in the middle of summer!

Breckenridge 12 2010

High Fiving in Breckenridge:Breckenridge7 2010

Kicking back in the gondola in Breckenridge:

DSC02000  Leah at Garden of the Gods in Colorado:


Celebrating an early birthday in Florida:


Leah loves people, pigs and going places.  

She is such a blessing to our family.

Love you Leah!

Happy Birthday!



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