Monday, March 8, 2010

Paint the Path Pink and other paint jobs

As you can tell from the dates on my post, I’ve taken a little blogging break.  I’ve had lots of projects around my home to manage and am still waiting for some to be finished.  So I have been a tad distracted.

This past  Saturday Leah’s school had a Paint the Path Pink 5K Walk/Run Breast Cancer fundraiser.   Paige, Leah and I went and walked.  There were 650 people registered.  It was a beautiful Spring day for walking and over $25,000 was raised for Breast Cancer Research.  The second picture is kids and dogs.   Leah is on the bottom row about 5 down.  


Paige will be mad that I posted this picture with her eyes closed.  Sorry Paige, but it was the only one we got that day.


Here is some other painting news from the home front.

Finally – all the faux painting is gone and replaced with  Sherwin Williams Latte for the walls and Ralph Lauren Metallic Summer Gold for the ceiling.  I’m so happy with the colors.  I have yet to hang the artwork back up in the room.  I just have issues with nailing into newly painted walls.  I’ll work up the courage soon I hope.



The kitchen and family room also were painted.  The family room is Latte now and the kitchen is Nomadic Desert.  I’m waiting for my fireplace stone to come in.  When I get that done, I’ll post a picture of the fireplace and paint. 

My other gynormous project I had to deal with was the shower in my master bath.   We had the master bathroom renovated right after we moved into this house nearly 5 years ago.   We loved the look of it, but after time went on we realized something was not right.  After much deliberation between tile people, plumbers and me in the middle we decided the  tile should be removed and the shower pan checked out.  YUCK! – rotted wood and mold….. This was worst than we thought it would be.

So I now know the repercussions of an improperly installed shower pan.



I kept thinking of a spiritual analogy in this scenario.  You know like sometimes everything looks good on the outside but boy it can be rotten on the inside.  Better get it checked out and fixed or it will fall apart.

I’ll post pictures of the newly re-done shower soon.  This post has run long enough.

Hope you are  starting to see a little Spring where you are.

♥ Joy


Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

The dining room looks marvelous! EEWW! I'm so glad you found the shower problem and are fixing it. I can't wait to see the do over!

Dawn said...

I love the color choices!

Diana said...

I absolutely love the paint choices!

Tara said... the new paint colors!
My bathroom looks a lot like yours. We have had to rip everything out because of a leak. Lots of yucky mold and mildew. Got to go tub shoppin soon. Ugh.

Deb said...

very nice dining the colors...

Karin said...

Beautiful room and gorgeous color! What a lovely room! --- Awesome that so much money was raised for Breast Cancer Research!It's good to be involved with a worthy cause! Blessings!

Tracy P. said...

Gorgeous! Glad you went and did the pink path. We are actually having some beautiful weather for early March. Which is good because we had TONS of snow to melt. Now we just have a lot. :-)

I am so not looking forward to what we find when the tile comes out of our master bath. But I AM looking forward to maybe--possibly--getting to use it again one day!

Givinya De Elba said...

You looked great in pink and your house looks great in its new colours! And speaking of colour, Mr de Elba loved "Praying in Colour" and so did the 60 chaplains who attended the retreat he held for them. I saw their prayer scribbles and they were such an artistic bunch! They loved it!

Lady Katherine said...

The paint looks like the color in my family room! I love the ceiling! It looks brown in the photo. You said it is gold? I love painted ceilings and only have one. I sneaked it in on hubby by doing it when he was gone. lol I would love to paint my family room ceiling a color. lol Yours looks great! I also seen in a few post down the table project. I love it. Grouting not my thing either. I have a antique vanity with tumbled marble on top, grout not finished yet. Come do mine. lol I saw you on another blog, and I would love for you to show your formal tea on one of Tea Time Tuesday posts soon!

tricia said...

your dining room is beautiful. I love the color.
I am glad you had a beautiful day for the 5k and raised a lot of money.

Betty said...

I love love the new color of your dining room! Perfect!
Hope you got that shower fixed, looks really yucky! :)

Pamela said...

The new paint job looks fantastic! I love the chandy!

Pamela said...

The new paint job looks fantastic! I love the chandy!

C said...

THAT is your new kitchen and dining room, joy??? Gorgeous!!! I love it!!! :D :D

Julie said...

good job it looks so great. sorry about your bathroom...that is horrible. thankfully you figured out what the problem was.

Joanna Jenkins said...

It's awesome that your girls participated int he Breast Cancer 5K! That is a great lesson and a loving hting for them to do! YEAH!

Your dining room is stunning! You did a great job. But the shower-- Oy! YOu por thing. I am so sorry.

Hang in there. Ihope it's done soon.

AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

I love your dining room! That ceiling is divine.

Have a great weekend!

Louise | Italy said...

I really love the colours you've chosen for your dining room. The ceiling colour really points up the beautiful patina on the furniture. Great choice.

Brenda said...

Your colors are beautiful! Love the ceiling especially.
Great analogy on the shower rot.

Playing Sublimely said...

Loved your visit! Hmmmm...I think a white sink would look ok with black granite!

Melody said...

I must have missed this post!

Wow! That is a lot of money raised! Yay!

Love the colors, and your home is beautiful. :)

Oh my! Don't you hate unexpected projects like that with your shower?! I'm glad that you found it though.

Gombojav Tribe said...

When you are done come over and decorate my house! :-)

GREAT job, Joy!!!!

Tammy@InStitches said...

I love your new paint colors and I can't wait to see the bath finished.