Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Advice from Mom

Twenty plus years ago my mother gave me some pre-wedding advice (not about THAT ~shudder~) about purchasing this:

She told about a lady selling her sewing machine. She suggested I buy it before I got married. She pointed out after I got married I wouldn't want to spend the money on something like this. She was right. I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it. So I parted with $125.00 of my hard-earned money just a few weeks before my wedding. I'm glad I purchased this used sewing machine. It has come in so handy over the years. I pretty much sew straight lines [ well ok. I'm stretching that one "almost" straight lines I should say ] I don't sew clothing to wear except for Halloween Costumes like this.
I usually just do mending or make projects with my machine. It is pretty basic.
I step on the pedal and it goes. --- when I have the bobbin in correctly. ;)

I thought I would share some of the projects I have done with my machine:

I had this idea for my craft table. It is just a 6 ' folding table. I made this skirt to go around it and secured it with Velcro sticky strip to make it stay on. This is in our guest bedroom.
The skirt hides all my stamping/scrapbooking/ craft supplies.

I got really adventurous a couple of years ago and made a comforter and valance for Leah's room. I could not find bedding that I liked for her room. She has kind of a "Paris" theme going on in there. So I came across this fabric and decided that was what I had been searching for.
I made the comforter and the valance. I DID NOT make the pillow shams. I left those to a professional. I knew I couldn't manage those corners. They look so much better than I could have done.

Thanks Mom for your advice. It has served me well over the years.


Susan said...

Good job. I use to sew a lot. Dresses for myself and my 2 young (at the time) daughters. Haven't sewn in years but still have 2 sewing machines!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

The valance and bedding are wonderful!!!

I love your idea about the table skirt...I might have to steal that idea from you...I need to hide my ugly table.

tricia said...

I love the comforter and valance you made for your daughter. You make me almost break out my sewing machine and sew something.

Femin Susan said...

Wow, those are such gorgeous shots!
Cheers and best wishes.

clarissa said...

You did a great job. I'm so proud of you. The comforter,and valances are very professional looking.
Love ya, Aunt Clarissa

Charity Childs-Gevero said...
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Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Very beautiful creations, btw... :) You're a true homemaker... :)

Tracy P. said...

That table skirt is a great idea! Lee bought me a sewing machine for Christmas the year we got married. I had just found out we were expecting, and I made a baby quilt. Since then I have not made so many things. It has become a long standing joke whenever we are trying to come up with a "fix" for something, he says, "Can't you just sew one on your sewing machine?"

Givinya De Elba said...

Wow Joy! I got a sewing machine for my 23rd birthday, made a few disaster and haven't used it since.

Melody said...

I love your daughter's room! Good job!

The table skirt s a great idea!

I need to replace my sewing machine. :-(

Alice said...

Your sewing projects are beautiful! I bought a sewing machine when I got married.. it only comes out of the closet about once a year but its worth it!

Betty said...

I love the "skirt" around the work area. It looks so cleaned up.
Great job!

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
I love sewing, too.

Really?? In her purse? Was it plastic? I think that tops my story for sure.

Gombojav Tribe said...

Anytime you're ready, you can come do the mending and sewing for my family! I'm so behind on that it's not even funny!

Kelli said...

You have made beautiful things with your sewing machine. You have a very wise mom!

Pam said...

Loved that valance! I took 2 yrs. of homeEc. but doubt I could even thread a machine these days! All my aunts were/are great seamstresses, I feel I should learn just to realize a sense of connectedness with them.

Brenda said...

Well, a straight (or almost) straight line is better than I can do!
What a cute room!
I took sewing class in 7th grade. Had to make a pair of cotton pants. The zipper tore out the first day I wore them. Kinda put a damper on sewing for me.
I'll stick to no-sew tape (haha, no pun intended!)
Have a good week.

Rhonda said...

I bought a used Pfaff right after I was married and have LOVED it ever since. I think the best part of your post is when you talked about the fact that you would not want to spend money on something like a sewing machine, is SO true.

Your comforter is so beautiful. Nice job.

selina said...

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