Thursday, September 3, 2009

Check out Moms in Touch

This is a short video clip we show the moms at the beginning of each school year.
I want to share it with you.


C said...

Joy, this is the organization you were telling me about on Facebook, isn't it? :) You said you'd send me more details about the gathering places in Manila? :)

Tracy P. said...

Oh Joy, I'm so glad you posted this! I was just thinking today about what to post about MIT. I'm gonna put this on my blog and Facebook. Love it! Pray with me that we get some moms of especially some younger kids to start at our school.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Joy, that is such a neat organization. It is more important these days to have groups like this than EVER before.

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure there are many young parents who NEED this group.

Dixie said...

Joy said "Nice when something comes in the mail besides bills. :)"

ain't it the truth girl! thnks for visiting French Lique!

blessings. Dixie

Julie said...

okay, I am not sure why, but your posts aren't coming into my I am catching up!

I wish they had one here....and on a side note... they promote MOPS at the end of Boz dvd's and Eli hates it.. he says "quick turn it off before that mommy show comes on, I am afraid of it." So bizarre but he is, I think he thinks it is an ad for new mommies or something. So strange, but I find it funny!!!

Louise said...

Joy -- you're on facebook and you're not my friend?

Penelope said...

Hi, Joy! Thanks for commenting on my blog:) And thank you, in advance, for your thoughtfulness in bringing a meal. Always fun to find blogging friends! :) see you soon.