Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Neighbor Steve's Man Christmas

Christmas decorations at our house this year:
(click on picture - it helps)

Christmas at Neighbor Steve's House:

Neighbor Steve was serious about decorating for Christmas this year. Last Saturday his Christmas man dream came true. He backed this big, bad green monster into his driveway.

Steve's brother-in-law and niece prepare to put up lights:

Neighbor Steve (who is afraid of heights, but not heavy machinery) coaches from the ground:

Paige takes a turn on the lift:

A bird's eye view from the treetops:

After an entire day of ups and downs in his big green lift, Steve and his wife cooked a scrumptious pot of gumbo and had the neighbors over.
It's the beginning of a
Merry Christmas!

(We even got snow flurries in Houston today!)


Julie said...

wow, that is hardcore. Love that! That is what is so nice about America, all the decorations.

commoncents said...

Interesting post! I really like your blog!!
Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hmmmm Joy---Did you get Steve and his crew to decorate your house also????? That was alot of work for them. Bet they'll leave those decorations up all year now!!!! (Hope not!!!! ha)

Glad you got some snow... My son Mark in Seabrook was disappointed since they only got flurries... He wanted MORE. We are supposed to get some tonight late...


clarissa said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe you even had a flurry. We haven't seen a flake. I got outside decorating done yesterday in a short sleeve shirt, and could have worn shorts. Pretty good for New England. I must admitt, we're suppose to get a couple of inches tomorrow. yuk, I don't like it. Hampers my being able to move about.

Betty said...

I like your decorations! Very nice. Steve really is into the decorating isn´t he? But I bet it´s worth is.
It´s unusual to get snow down there, right?

Susan said...

Snow in Houston in early December!! The world is being turned upside down. Enjoy.

Now that's goind "All out" to decorate. Poor Mickey still has to use the ladder for the few he still puts up!!!

Tracy P. said...

Too funny! Send him up here! We didn't do the lights along the roofline, but Bethany talked us into putting "Mary and Joseph" out. We thought we better throw in a few of the lower lights too. If we had a lift, we could do the roofline in a jiffy!

Your posts show up late on my blog roll for some reason, and sometimes I don't notice them until a few days later. I wonder why the delay???

We're supposed to get heavy snow this week. We'll be glad to head south. ;-)

Melody said...

What a man dream come true! Big machinery *and* Christmas lights! ;-)

How exciting about the snow flurries... although I'd like to give your our accumulating foot of snow (and still coming down!)

Pam said...

I just knew you lived in a beautiful home!
I love Neighbor Steve's ingenuity!!Cute post!

Carol said...

I love the title of this post. How funny is it that he got that big 'ol machine to do some serious decorating. The pot of gumbo for the neighbors was an added bonus.

Deb said... cool.....

C said...

Hurray for Steve and his man Christmas! hahahahahahahaha! :D

alice said...

OMG.. you guys are no mess when it comes to Christmas decorations! Merry Christmas Joy.. may the joy of the Lord always be present.