Monday, September 27, 2010

September Serve

Each year the Missions Pastor at our church organizes September Serve.   Everyone is encouraged to find a mission or service type project to work on in our community during the month (and hopefully continue through the year).

On Saturday the 24th over 25 teams from our church spread out all over the Houston area working together on various projects.  Some hosted a camp for 125 inner city youth.  Others painted a Habitat for Humanity  house and our family signed up for this project:

We helped paint, clean and do maintenance projects at Harper United Methodist Church in Monaville, Texas.    This church was founded in 1881.  It is tucked back down a country road and is home to  a small, mostly elderly congregation.   I’m not sure how far back this  building dates, but it was probably built in the early 1900’s.

We painted the front porch, scraped and cleaned the windows.  Worked on ceiling fans and light fixtures, and other miscellaneous items on the ‘to-do’ list.

It was a blessing to work together as a family and with others on this beautiful church.  This historic church needs much more TLC, and hopefully we can go again and help to scrape the wood and re-paint the rest of the church. 

Here we are working away:

DSC02093 DSC02094

DSC02133 DSC02112


The group hard at work on the porch:

DSC02128 DSC02136

I just noticed on their sign it says “Catch the Spirit of Love”  There was definitely a spirit of love on that day in Monaville.

♥    Joy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Do you wear an apron when you are in the kitchen?

If you read around the blog world or check your local stores, you will see that aprons are definitely making a comeback.  They are cuter than ever and as much of a fashion statement as they are useful.

I wear one everyday when I’m cooking.   Here is my collection hanging in the laundry room.   I made the blue one on the left and won the cute one that has the pink pocket and polka dots.  The others I purchased. 


Here is a close up of the adorable apron that Yoli made.   I won it from a blog contest she had a while back.  She is an awesome seamstress and so creative.   Check out her Etsy shop and sidebar for her creations.


No signs of Fall here in my part of the world except for the fact the temperature is 89 F today.    Anything below 90 degrees F may have to qualify as Fall.

Tanner Update:

The new little four legged furry man in my life is doing just fine.  He has me wrapped around his little paw already.  It is fun learning his personality.  He loves to move items he finds on the floor around the house.  So if he can fit it in his mouth and you leave it on the floor,  it most certainly won’t be there when you check next time.   (including my bloomers that I have found next to the backdoor hehe) He doesn’t chew on things, just moves them.

Here’s another close up of his adorable face.


I had a dog trainer come over and do a consultation on Saturday.  Of course, Tanner does what he is suppose to when the trainer is here, but with me…..not so much.    Surely this little 12 pound ball of cuteness and fur won’t be the pack leader in our house...   

♥ Joy

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Tanner

bosco and his new family 2

On Saturday our family went to look at a couple of dogs at a local rescue and this little guy stole our hearts.  He is approximately one year old and was found wandering the streets.  He was very matted, dirty and covered in fleas.   The rescue cleaned him up and groomed him as best they could.

He is a Miniature Schnauzer.  We named him Tanner because he is brown and tan.  Brown coloring is pretty rare in Schnauzers.  I’ve never seen one anyway.  He is adjusting wonderfully.   He is so sweet.  He has some healing to do from all the flea bites and I’m sure he wishes I would leave him alone.   I believe he thinks that  all I do is bathe, brush and check him.   I’ve been walking him around the neighborhood and he’s meeting his new dog and people friends.  The first night he slept all night without a peep in his crate.  He loves to be near us, but doesn’t understand toys.  This is our first experience with a male dog, so we’re getting use to that.

Just had to introduce you to our new little guy. I’ll get more pictures up of him soon. 

♥  Joy