Sunday, November 16, 2008

Occasional Error

OK. I'm apologizing to all my bloggy friends for the spelling error in my Rare Occasion Post.
I'm so embarrassed because it was in the title of all places.

I logged on to look at something on my blog this morning and scrolled down and it caught my eye. I completely missed it. I did a little test and realized that spell check only checks your content and not your titles. Yikes! The extra "s" was definitely not suppose to be there.

So, oops, sorry, and keep that in mind when your spellchecking.
Your title is on it's own.


katdish said...

Just popped over here to say hello and thanks for stopping by my silly little blog.

We're almost neighbors! I live in Katy!

TMI said...

Thanks for the tip! Spelling is not my forte! ;o)

Tracy P. said...

That's kind of funny, Joy! I could see apologizing for an extra unintended s on, say, as. Occasion--who would know? (Hope I'm not too racy for you, but you cracked me up.) ;-)