Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Legacy of Love

This is a picture of Fern Nichols and me. I'm kind of leaning away from Fern. I have a horrible head cold and would have hated to pass it along to Fern.

On Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting for the first time Fern Nichols. She flew in from San Diego to Houston to speak.
Fern is the founder of Moms in Touch International (MITI).

She shared with us about leaving a Legacy of Love for our children. The way to leave a legacy of love is by praying for them. I can even be praying for future generations of my family right now and those prayers will outlive me.

Prayer is such a powerful tool....from that first prayer of surrender to God when we give our life to Him and know we have no hope for eternity without Jesus and his saving work on the cross... to the daily prayers we lift up interceding for others and offering praise and thanksgiving to God.
As Fern reminded us that God shapes the world through prayer and Intercessors can shape history.

If you are a mom go to the Moms In Touch website and see if there is a group of moms praying at your child's school. There are groups all over the world.

I know you probably pray for your children on a daily basis, but just meeting with other moms and hearing them pray for your child will mean more than you can imagine.

At Moms In Touch they reassure Moms that: When you pray God's Word you pray God's will.

That is why at MITI we use scripture to pray for our children. We simply insert their name into a scripture.

For example: a prayer to be safe from harm....

God Most High, I ask that You would command Your angels concerning ____ to guard____ in all his/her ways (Psalm 91:11)

Me and a couple of my praying mom friends along with Fern:

It was a wonderful day...head cold and all...hopefully I didn't contaminate too many people.


Tracy P. said...

Great post, Joy! I'm glad you had fun even though not feeling well. I'm not TOO jealous. After all, I got to meet with my MITI moms this week, and they are almost as good as Fern.

And I agree--any mom who hasn't checked out Moms In Touch should check it out now. It's wonderful!

tricia said...

I agree this is a great post. It is so important to pray for our children and their future. I never thought to pray for future generations.

Susan said...

Great pictures and it sounds like a wonderful day. Yes, pray is the most important thing we can do. Thank you for the reminder that we can even pray for FUTURE generations. I've been praying for that Proverbs 31 wife for my son!!!

HOPE said...

So true Joy! Great photos too!

I have recently had three prayers answered concerning three of my children and I have been praying this for a few YEARS...patience in waiting on the LORD and the work HE MUST do is also a key to prayer. Pray faithfully, without reservation of the work God can do. Wait on HIM..the scriptures tell us this over and over along with TRUST.

God bless..

Betty said...

You don´t look sick, but I hope you feel better soon. This is such a great concept. Too bad we have no such support groups here.
Nice to see you in the pictures!

Julie said...

hope you are feeling better soon! That stinks when you aren't feeling well. Thanks you so much for sharing. I appreciate it so much

Cicero Sings said...

You look great even if you are/were sick! Kids need all the prayer they can get. Great to have such a support network.

Melody said...

Important things to remember, thanks. :-)

Cute pics! Will one of them replace Libby on your profile? ;-)

Civilla said...

Lovely picture. God bless.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Joy
(((Hugz))) I receive my newsletters from Mom's In Touch and I enjoy it so. What a great oppurtunity to meet Fern. I truly agree that prayer is the best legacy we can leave our children and for future generations of our families. There is so much power in prayer!!!

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Leaning away in order not to contaminate! LOL! Hey! If everybody I knew were all as considerate as you are, I wouldn't have a cold all the time! Sigh! Oh I don't have a cold ALL the time, but a lot of the time, yeah I do!!!

I was out with my friends... she wanted a sip of my drink...I was like "I have a cold" and she was like "I don't care" but what I was really thinking was "Are you serious? Who knows what you have that I might catch?" Needless to say, she still grabbed my drink and sipped it anyway! Sigh!

That is so true...about praying for our children and not only for our children, but also for our children's children! Prayer is like an investment! But the greatest investment, greater than any on earth! My mother always says "I might not have much to give in this life, but I assure you that all my prayers for you and for your children and for your children's children will last as long as the earth does and even longer than that!"


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I have prayed everyday for my children since they were born. Looks like you had fun despite the head cold. Get better!!!

Michele said...

Glad you got to go! The "legacy" theme keeps coming up. I did a preschool banquet last Friday and the theme was Leaving a Legacy (based on the song). What a priviledge to meet her!

Ronnica said...

One time when I was babysitting for a friend's newborn, I was praying for him, and I thought, "Man, a mom has a lot of time where they can pray for their child while doing other things for him/her."

Pam said...

This post blessed me beyond words. I've read about MITI but have never participated. I felt so encouraged after reading this, to know so many moms are out there with the same concerns and goals for their children. You are beautiful JOY!

Lori said...

What a great post. It sounds like a terrific day, even if you were a bit sniffly. Now I'm off to check out the Moms In Touch website!

Alice said...

Wonderful post! I'm so thankful for the ministry of MIT.