Wednesday, January 28, 2009

But Wait! There's More....

I have a confession to make. I have a weakness for infomercials. I'm not sure if they have infomercials in other countries like the U.S. has them. Hopefully they don't. I know I am not alone. I would like for you to fess up if you have ever purchased something from an informercial. I know there are other gullible people out there; those that call within the next 10 minutes.... Boy, I'm glad I made that call look what I've got:

Here is a picture of some of the items that I have purchased from infomercials over the years or purchased at a store from the "As Seen On TV" aisle.

In the picture above you will see:

A Bravetti Deep Fryer. It claims to fry food so fast the grease doesn't have time to soak in. I have used it. It does a nice job with deep frying. It's just a pain to clean.

The Turbo Cooker. It promised to take food from frozen to fabulously cooked in 15 minutes and make it healthy too. I used it quite a bit for a while. You can cook your meat on the bottom and your veggies on the rack all at the same time and cleanup is a snap. I just pulled it out of a cabinet. I forgot I had it. oops

Hip Hop Abs dvd's.... hahhhahhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaahhaaaa. Ohhhh, my abs hurt from laughing so hard at myself. I'm sure they would work, if I would do them.

The Listen Up. I did not buy this item. Buster thought it would be funny to buy this for me. No, I don't listen in on people's conversation at the park or over the fence. But if I ever need it I know I have one. I'm mad because now they came out with one that hooks on the ear and looks like a headset from a cell phone. I want that one!

The Scunci Steamer. It promises to steam all the germs, gunk, mildew and stains from your belongings and home. I've used it a few times. It's OK. I'll give it that.

The Ped Egg. This is the only one I wish I hadn't bought. It will take your feet from Bad to Worse in no time. I'm not a fan of this product. Use with caution and have a tourniquet handy.

The Swivel Sweeper. With little effort you can sweep under furniture and between hard to reach places. Those rotating blades do all the work for you. It has a rechargeable battery. This was purchased for me as well. My Mom has one and liked hers so she got me one. I like it and use it all the time.

So you can see I loves me some infomercials. But, I'm living more frugally this year. So I'll keep surfing on to the next channel when I see an infomercial, but that Shamwow is really looking tempting.


Joy in the Burbs... said...

When my daughter saw my little pile of infomercial treasures I gathered to take this picture,
she thought I was preparing for a garage sale. I would never part with this stuff except for the ped egg. Just for that I'm leaving her all this stuff in my will.

Sherri Watt said...

This was too funny! I have always wondered about a few of these items. I don't buy from infomercials because I thought they really didn't work.

Thanks for sharing!

God Bless!

Susan said...

No I am not an infomercial purchaser. I have a dear friend that is. Glad that "bug" never got me!!!

Karabeth said...

My daughter just HAD TO HAVE one of those Ped Eggs. I refused to buy it for her. Good grief, the kid was a 20 year old college student. If she wanted one so badly she could shell out the money herself. Which she did.

I should send her an email (she's married now) and ask her if it was worth "just $19.95" or whatever she paid for it. Perhaps that explains why bandaids are always on her grocery list. :)

karin said...

I've downsized and don't have enough space for everything I did own in all the houses we've lived in. I've only recently once sent away for merchandise, and that's the Pro-Active for my granddaughter. Usually it is my policy that if I can't buy it in my local stores, it's not coming to my house, lol. A fun post to read!

Julie said...

I haven't bought anything, but it does look tempting when i see them... this was a great post!

oh and I would love that lasagna recipe you love...

Betty said...

haha, great post! We do get infomercials here in P. But I´ve never bought anything yet, because they are for Brazil customers only.
I would love a swivel sweeper. I haven´t seen those in stores. Sometimes I find stuff in the store that are labeled "as seen on TV", but so far I haven´t needed them.
What I can´t stand about the infomercials down here, are the voices of the speakers. They are so piercing and penetrating! UGH!

Brenda said...

I have never actually bought anything from an informercial, but maybe I should consider it!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey sis!!
I just love your fur babay!!!
Okay Guilty here as well lol, well they do have some interesting ones. I just bought that minis glide the hair straightening Product for my daughter, and it was worth it too lol.

Hugz Lorie

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

LOL! my husband has bought three workout machines...and ice cream maker...a pasta cooker...a juicer...some kind of other cooker...all from infomercials!

And guess what? Sometimes we just turn on the t.v. to watch the corny people and laugh at their phony,fake voices!


The Farmer Files said...

I have never ever bought from an infomercial, but I have wanted to...

and I am glad to know about the Ped Egg. I have pondered buying it at Wal Mart many times.

Gombojav Tribe said...

I LOVE a good infomercial. I always ask my husband, "Do you think that actually works?" He just laughs at me.

I've got a Flip 'n' Grip and the other utensils that came with it. I don't remember their names.

I love my George Foreman grill.

Mostly I just wish for the things, but don't actually pick up the phone and buy them.

You know what's a good informercial? The Magic Bullet! That commercial is so entertaining! I've watched the same one a dozen times!

Jenners said...

Hi--I was stopping by to check out your blog since you visted mine the other day via BATW.

This was too funny! My husband and I love watching infomercials, and I always wondered how they worked. I was thisclose to ordering the Shark Steamer but ended up getting a Bissell steam mop instead. I've heard horrific things about the PedEgg from another blogger. I was interested to hear your reviews of how all the things worked!

I have heard though that the ShamWow is supposed to be pretty darn good. Don't know from personal experience though!

clarissa said...

I have my share of infomercial products too. The best one I have is a steam mop. It really really works. I have cd's for toning my body, but for some reason they won't work sitting in the

Michele said...

Too funny! Yeah, Beach Body DVD's didn't work either. They are still in the plastic!

Pam said...

Infomercials, not so much but home shopping and QVC are on speed dial!