Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Count It All Joy

I spent the last nine months studying the book of Isaiah at a Precept Bible Study at one of the local churches. It was a great group of women of all ages and I learned so much from the study and from them.

I was trying to figure out what to next because our group won't meet again until the Fall. I wanted to keep up my studies. The leader of our group sent an e-mail to all of us suggesting Kay Arthur's Philippians study Count It All Joy.

I went to the website and downloaded and printed a free study guide.
Then click on Precepts for Life tab and find Current PFL Downloads.
This will take you the free downloadable study guide.
You can also view Kay Arthur's teaching video on http://www.lightsource.com/ . When you go to that website you will have to type in Count It All Joy in the search box to find it. You can view these videos for free too.

Just wanted to let you all know about this great resource. If you decide to do the study let me know. I'm on lesson 2.


LMH said...

Thank ou so much for your kind words and encouragement.

A friend and I are planning to do Beth Moore's study on Esther as soon as my life settles down in a few weeks.
Thank you,


tricia said...

thank you for the link. i am doing kay arthur's Living with Discernment in the End Times right now and i love it. i think i have about one month left.

Tracy P. said...

I'm wondering if any of your readers are wanting to know just what it is you are counting, Joy! ;-)

I will have to check that out. I'm in a study right now called "There is a Season" by Laurie Cole. It is about contentment. Good stuff!

Julie said...

I am looking into this...thanks for emailing me the info!

Brenda said...

Wow, thanks for the tip! I was just looking for some good Bible study materials.

Susan said...

So glad you've found a resource to fill-in the gap for the summer.

Alicia said...

thanks for those links! I'm in the acts one right now but it will be good to know where to go. As you know, i just love those!:)

LuLu said...

Thanks for the link i am going to check go check it out.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

Reminds me of the loooonnnggg time I spent back in high school, studying my favorite book in the Bible- Ecclesiastes-which is my mother's least favorite book in the Bible! Ha ha ha hah a! But...now...she does appreciate it as much as I...that was just before that she didn't... :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

We have been studying Romans....it is a hard book to study!!

I'll have to check that one out!!

Vic Grace said...

We live so far from church that we really don't get involved but it would be nice to go to a bible study. Currently I am trying to listen to bible tapes while sewing or whatever.