Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Isaiah 1 & 2

Today was the first day of my Fall Bible Study. This summer I felt God leading me to do a Kay Arthur Precepts Study this year. One of the local churches was offering Isaiah by Kay Arthur so I signed up. A couple of girlfriends also signed up so that makes it even better. This summer I did a 40 minute study by Kay Arthur not one of her inductive Bible studies so I'm very new to Precept Bible studies. I watched the video today on Isaiah chapter 1 & 2. I love Kay's style. She pretty much reads the scripture straight from the Bible and constantly references other related scriptures throughout the Bible. She doesn't offer her own "take" on scripture. She let's scripture interpret scripture.

There is so much, but today the lesson I took home was regarding idols. We hear that word a lot these days with sports idols, American Idol, political idols, etc. Isaiah 2:8 reads ...Their land has also been filled with idols. They worship the work of their hands. That which their fingers have made.

We can point at America, Washington DC, Wall Street, Hollywood or anyone, but really it starts individually, looking inward. What are my idols? Where do I spend my time, money and priorities?

Psalm 135:18 reads...Those who make (idols) will be like them.

Isaiah tells us what will happen to idols (2:20) In that day (the last days) men will cast them away to the moles and the bats. So those things we cling to won't be there for us in the end.

I also learned there are 2 direct command in Isaiah:

(2:5) Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the Lord.

(2:22) Stop regarding man, whose breath of life is in his nostrils; For why should he be esteemed.

Occassionally I'll share some of my Isaiah experience this year. Kay told us that Jesus and the Apostles quote more from Isaiah than any other Prophet. So there is a lot to learn from Isaiah. And one thing's definitely more current than you think.


Ronnica said...

Hey, I gave boiled peanuts a fair try. I was going into it with a fairly open mind, considering how much my roommates were ranting and raving about how good they were. They were just roasted peanuts in taste (which is fine, I guess, but I rarely eat them) and hard-boiled eggs in texture. Blech! I do think you have to be raised on them to enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by on my BATW day!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Thanks for the reminder of Isaiah. I love it and fear it all at the same time.

Thanks for putting that great song in my head, I have been singing it all day. Glad you came over on the layover with BATW.

Tracy P. said...

Hi Joy! I saw your little plug for Moms in Touch on the BATW feature today, and wanted to give you a hearty AMEN! Those women are such a lifeline, and I love the impact on the lives of our kids as we see God answer.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

HEY!!!!! YES - Sarah is my sister. And actually Carla just gave her two week notice, so there is a chance that my sister will take over as manager of shipping/mailing etc.

Thanks for remembering!!! Isn't she just the cutest thing? She's the best little sister.... EVAH!!!

Lauren W said...

You are so right, it is absolutely current and applicable :) I'm excited to hear about what you're learning!

Veggie Mom said...

That's what I always tell my students--change starts with YOU. If you want to make a difference, you have to want to make a difference! BTW, Uncle Lynn's answering your questions over at my place today, in honor of my 100th Post. Please drop by!

Tracy P. said...

Sounds like a good study. I'm in Psalms this fall. Good stuff!

I did a post on Moms in Touch a few weeks ago, so Lizzy put me on to her sister. Very cool!