Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've been wanting to write a post on Libby for some time now. We got Libby in September - 4 years ago. So I guess on her 4th "gotcha" year, I'll showcase the fourlegged member of our family.
Libby is a rescue dog. I went to the adoption center to see a dog that was advertised. I got there and wasn't excited about that particular dog. My friend who went with me pointed out Libby. I thought she was pretty cute, but wasn't familiar with Schnauzers. At that time I had not had a dog in nearly 30 years. So this was a big step for me. You notice I keep using "I" and "me". Buster was in Mexico on business when I made this visit to Doggy Adoption Day. When he called home, I ran the idea past him. He was not quite on board with the idea. He just said "wait till I get home and we'll talk about it". So technically I did wait until he got home. When he arrived home from Mexico, I did not have Libby yet. BUT I did have dog food and dish, leash, collar, Libby I.D. tag, crate, dog toys etc. Since I had already invested in a dog I did not yet own, he went with me to the adoption center to take a look at her and signed off on her. Since this was an adoption all the adults in the household had to sign for her. She was spayed the next day and I picked her up a couple of days later.

So enjoy the pictures of Libby and check out your local doggy adoption center. You might find a loyal, four-legged friend there.

This was the day we brought Libby home back in Sept. 2004. I love this picture because she looks like she has a smile on her face. Sorry I could not get this image to download larger.

"My Three Girls"

Libby and her cousins-

Furby, Jazzie and Sugar.

Libby and her friend Logan.

As you can see Libby has a pretty stinkin' good nice life now. She has taken over our formal living room. I now call it "Libby's Condo". It definitely beats the streets where she was found wandering. Love and Licks from Libby and...


HOPE said...

Aaawwwe...melt my heart..okay!

Libby reminds me so much of my Heidi (tears) she was silver but as she aged turned white. Her ears were cropped when we got her..but Gus has the cute floppy ears...I love.

They are indeed loyal pets. They want so much to please their owners which makes for a pleasant "up bringing" ;)

I'll have to post again about Gus and his antics... I'm sure he'd like Libby.

I like how you "managed" to own Libby...I mean how could Buster say no with all the fixins already there! Must have really got to him....knowing some poor HOMELESS dog could use all that good stuff!

by the way..I had a cat named Buster! Good name.

Thanks for letting me know about your post on Libby!

check out my craft blog too if you have time...I'll probably post something crafty for a dog one day!

Jennifer said...

Oh I love dogs! I am glad you enjoyed your 'visit' of Canada. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your week!

Evi said...

I was just wanting to sop in and say thank you for stopping in on my day at BATW day...it was nice to have some new visitors to my blog.

Tara said...

Libby's a cutie!! I love dogs!! Thanks for stopping by Nebraska via BATW!

Tracy P. said...

She is cute! Glad you've enjoyed her.

Shell said...

Hi Joy. Glad you enjoyed the tour of New York. Hope you get a chance to visit my hometown real soon. Your girls and Libby are adorable. Thanks for stopping by.

EmmaP said...

Cute Pics!!! Your little "girl" is a-DOR-able!!! And I LOVE the "cousins" photo! Thanks for visiting my place from BATW!

Brian and Staci said...

Hi there! Staci from OKLAHOMA JUST getting around to respreading the love from my big day in the BATW spotlight :) Your words were so kind and sweet and meant so much to me! Thank you so very much. Your little Libby is a cutie (as are your girls!) Our yellow lab (12) died almost 2 1/2 yrs ago and our little shi tzu (16) almost 3 yrs ago and we are just now starting to talk about getting another dog...maybe we'll do a rescue :) LOVED this post of yours. I'll have to stop by and read more but for now...gotta go tell everyone how happy they made my day :) Thanks again :)

Brian and Staci said...

Oh yea...GO SARAH!!!! (Saw your little add on your sidebar!) I haven't had a chance to see the debates from last night...but I hear she did well! I recorded so I'm hoping to get to watch it after spreading all this comment love! )

illahee said...


thanks for visiting my blog via BATW!

Becky Welch said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today via BATW. I hope you come back. I enjoyed visiting yours, too. We have had 3 miniature Schnauzers (I can't spell) and loved them all. Not only are we Braves fans, we are Rangers fans and Longhorn fans (hope that does not offend you!) Come back by anytime!

Lady Dorothy said...

What a special story. I'm sure Libby is thrilled to pieces to be part of your family!

Thank you for stopping by today on our BATW tour! I hope you'll visit again!

Kinda fun to know you've been to my part of the country, too!

Kelley said...

Saw your comment on Vickie's blog (notsosahm) about Palin glasses - check out your local Dollar Tree for reading glasses. You can pop out the lenses so they won't get a headache! Happy party!

Nifty Adventures into Denmark said...

A little late
Thanks for visiting me on my BATW day. The dogs are super cute :)

Allison said...

What a cutie! We just got a mini schnauzer a few months ago and I'm totally smitten! Our Addie is the best dog...so sweet and SO smart :)

Allison said...

You asked about Schnauzers in Germany...well we thought it would be SO easy to find them - since they are a German breed...but that has not been the case at all! We've been here over 2 years and had checked the pet section of the classifieds nearly every week with no luck.

Finally we got the help of one of my German coworkers who informed me that the German word for miniature schnauzer is "zwergschnauzer". After I started searching for zwergschnauzers I had a bit more luck, but there weren't many options close to where we live. We lucked out when we found Addie's breeder - only an hour away :)

At her puppy kindergarten class yesterday the German guy running it seemed VERY interested in her, asking us what we paid, if she had papers, where we got her, etc...so I think they must be pretty rare here! :)

Mimi said...

OMG, love her. I especially love the expression on her face in the last pic.

I'm sure that she is glad that you realized her rightful place as queen of your condo. It's nice that she still lets you live in it!

I love how you kept your word to your husband. He didn't ask you not to buy all the dog supplies before he got home, right?