Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Blurb from the Burbs - II

I came across this great way to save on lunch meat and just had to share. While watching Good Morning America (Paige's favorite) one morning, they had a segment on saving money at the grocery store. Those segments always intrigue me so I made sure I paid attention. They had this family on...you know the family of six who only spends $300 per month on groceries blah blah blah.... The husband of the family suggested that you purchase a cooked ham and have them slice it at the deli counter. Yes, shopping is a family affair at their house....not ours....trust me. When Buster goes to the grocery store we have to get Mapquest involved.

Sooo, I decided to try this. I went to my Kroger and back in the meat section like where the bacon and pre-packaged lunch meats are I found a cooked Jennie-O Turkey Ham. It weighed two whole pounds. It was $4.99. I thought that was really good $2.50 a pound. I went back to the deli with my 2 pound turkey ham and asked the nice young man behind the counter to slice it thin for me and he kindly obliged. So if your kiddos like ham sandwiches in their lunch...try this for some $$$$ savings. Remember go to the deli to get it sliced not the meat counter.

P.S. If I can get this family of four down to a $300.00 grocery bill, you can bet I'll be blogging on that ;)


Joy in the Burbs... said...

Two weeks ago I was back in Kroger and they had marked the turkey hams down to $2.99. The expiration date was still a ways off. I bought two more and had them sliced and put them in the freezer.
Couldn't pass up that deal.


Tiffany said...

Okay - you're going to think I'm stalking you or something (kidding) but I am just finding so many interesting, helpful things here on your blog. I just had to leave another comment and let you know how much I really am enjoying your blog.

Also, could I borrow your picture of the canvas grocery bag you have in your sidebar? I love that! Let me know.

I'll leave you alone for now!