Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bags, Bags, everywhere bags....

Bags, Bags, everywhere Bags...(not counting the ones under my eyes)

I promised I would have some "green in the suburbs" ideas for you so here goes. I want us to stop and think about the number of plastic bags that come into our homes on a weekly basis. The newspaper bags, drycleaning bags, grocery bags, bread bags, plastic that our papertowels and toiletpaper are packaged in and many other examples at our house and I'm sure your house as well.

I attached a picture of the bags that I've been collecting for just the last month. Our curbside recycler will not accept them, but I can take them to Walmart or Kroger and put them in the container there to be recycled. Start putting them all together in a larger bag and drop them off when you go to the store.
Another thing I love is that most of the grocery stores sell the reusable totes now. I have several of these. The red one actually zips up and can fit in my purse. I have a couple of totes from Kroger and they hold a lot. I keep them in my car and take them in when I go to the grocery store. I'm seeing lots of folks starting to use these. They are the perfect alternative. So when your at the grocer store and the bagger asks "Paper of Plastic?" smile and hand over your cloth bags. :)

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