Friday, June 20, 2008

The Harvest

I mentioned I liked to grow vegetables. Well you're looking at the latest pick. One, uno, un. No matter how you say lonely bell pepper at a time.

I planted this bell pepper plant last summer. I got quite a few peppers from it last year. It survived all winter and I've had 3 already this year. I don't see any more though. So sad. My yard is so shaded I have a difficult time growing vegetables. Right now I have a tomato plant in a container. We'll see if it does anything. I am able to grow some herbs. I have rosemary and lavender growing around the bell pepper plant and I have basil in a container. We ate the pepper tonight with chicken fajitas. Of course it was supplemented by another bell pepper purchased at the grocery store. But there is something very satisfying about growing food and actually putting it on the table and eating it. I would like to start a compost bin, but my husband doesn't share my vision on some compost bins and rain barrels, but I won't give up maybe one day he'll see things my way.

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Michele said...

It's a start! I hope to plant some next year (tomato, cucumber) with Jenna but we'll see if it actually happens.