Thursday, June 12, 2008


Since I'm blogging about being green in the suburbs, one of my favorite "green" things is cold hard cash. I'm a stay-at-home mom so I don't generate much income for our household. If an item has a rebate attached to it, I always send in the rebate if I get back more than the price of the stamp :)

Recently I learned about the Ebates website. I have the link over in the right column just scroll down until you see "My Favorite Websites". I do a lot of online shopping. My husband seems to think I spend most of my days at the mall shopping. Not True! I can shop sitting in my study at my own computer. No need to drive down there in our gas-guzzling SUV. Anyway, back to ebates. You simply link over to the website and the registration is free. They give you $5.00 for signing up. There are over 900 stores on the ebates site and you simply find the store you want to shop from and link to it. Ebates tracks your purchases and gives you a rebate based on what you spent at that store. The rebates are mailed quarterly. They actually send you a check. I'm so excited. I have $15.00 and something cents already in my account and trust me that total will grow. ;)

Link over from my site and check it out and don't forget to go to your ebate account everytime you shop online. Happy Shopping!!

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Michele said...

Graet job, Joy! I'll be back to read more. Just got back form vacation.