Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Neighbors, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, Fathers and Mothers a.k.a... Our Troops

This is a picture of my neighbor William. William is currently serving in the Army in Iraq. I try and remember to pray everyday for William and all of our troops. Recently my friend Linda let me know about this website http://www.prayercentral.net/. You can go to this website and subscribe (no charge) to get a daily one-minute prayer e-mailed to your computer. I signed up this week and my prayer assignment comes to my inbox every day.

We get busy here at home and sometimes forget to think about and pray for our men and women serving overseas. Go to the website and get your prayer assignment. You will be blessed and so glad you did.

Chris is William's Dad and he writes " I appreciate your including William’s picture in your blog and as his father and a Christian I would like to personally appeal to your friends and family for their prayers on behalf of my son and his platoon and all our brave servicemen and women carrying out the mission that they were given so far away from home."

On the website look for Baghdad Prayer Patrol click on that and sign up for the prayer assignments.

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Michele said...

Great post, Joy. I will pray for them and add something about this to my blog as soon as I can.