Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Day of School

This is a picture of Paige and Leah as they leave for THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I felt bad as they were leaving. I would not be at home when they walked through the door in the afternoon. I am a stay at home mom, but I wasn't staying home....I caught a flight out that day to Atlanta, GA to go to a college reunion. Yikes! 25 years ago I started college....but that is another blog.

Paige's shirt reads "Surfin to 7th". They had a big beach-themed party for all the 6 graders that day. Leah came home with some interesting clay art that her teacher let them spend the day working on. It was a great year for both girls. Leah had awesome teachers - Two wonderful woman who could write the books on teaching. In fact, I think they have - articles anyway. Paige also had two good years at her school. Mrs. Daly will live fondly in Paige's memory. She was an incredible teacher. She also learned some tough life lessons too. (We won't mention any teacher's name) But she's stronger for it. We're excited about Jr. High School. I know she'll do great!

Dad did a great job with them that weekend. Getting them to sleepovers, birthday parties and the house was even spotless when I came home on Sunday. Whoohoo!!!

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