Saturday, December 13, 2008

Polish Pottery Give Away

Allison at Life in Germany is having a give away to celebrate 50 followers of her blog.
It is really a beautiful piece of Polish Pottery. Go check it out. I hope it ends up at my house. ♥


Vic Grace said...

Thanks for popping over. I returned the compliment and am now following your blog. Long way from celebrating 50 followers though. Just to let you know how much I think of warm weather it is -43F here today with the wind chill. I have my wood stove going full blast and I have my pajama bottoms on under my jeans, two pairs of socks and wooly slippers plus a t-shirt, blouse and sweater on. It is currently 66F in the house and I am trying to get it a bit warmer in here. Look forward to keeping tabs on your blog.

Vic Grace said...

Thanks for dropping in. This article was left on a previous comment if you missed it re introversion here it is the link it may be helpful.

Caring for your introvert

Tracy P. said...

It's gorgeous! I told her you sent me, in case it buys you any extra points! ;-)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Cool going there now!